Office of the Town Attorney

The Town Attorney serves as the counsel for the Town of Fountain Hills. The Town’s attorney cannot provide legal advice or representation to private persons or businesses on either city-related or private legal matters.

Attorney Aaron D. Arnson serves as Town Attorney and legal counsel to the Town Council, Town Manager, all Town Departments, and all Boards and Commissions. The Office of the Town Attorney, as represented by Pierce Coleman PLLC, is responsible for drafting and reviewing Town contracts, ordinances, and other legal instruments for approval as to form and correctness. The Office provides legal representation on behalf of the Town of Fountain Hills in matters before judicial and administrative agencies. The Town Attorney provides objective legal advice and does not make policy decisions.

The Town of Fountain Hills contracts the services of Pierce Coleman PLLC to provide general legal services as typically provided by a Town Attorney and in accordance with the Town Code (Section 3-1-2 Town Attorney).

The Agreement between the Town of Fountain Hills and Pierce Coleman PLLC is effective July1, 2020 through June 30, 2021, and shall automatically renew on a yearly basis thereafter, in conjunction with the Town's fiscal year. (Terms of Engagement)