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Understanding Different Types of Dementia - As we age, it’s normal to lose some neurons in the brain. People living with dementia, however, experience far greater loss. Many neurons stop working, lose connections with other brain cells, and eventually die. At first, symptoms can be mild, but they get worse over time. Read on to learn more about four different types of dementia.

Get educated about Alzheimer’s disease / related dementias:
Alzheimer’s Association - Desert Southwest Chapter
1-800-272-3900 (24-hour Helpline)

Get help for your person & you:
Area Agency on Aging
1-888-783-7500 (24-hour Helpline)

Healthy Brain Resource Center - Provided by the Centers For Disease Control and Prevention
This site offers a variety of articles about the different phases of dementia and Alzheimer's disease.

People with dementia need to be understood and supported in their communities. You can help by becoming a Dementia Friend. Visit www.banneralz.org.dementiafriends

BannerAlz- Dementia Friends Champion Training - VirtualDo you want to help people understand dementia and the small things they can do to make a difference for people and communities living with dementia? Would you enjoy facilitating sessions for friends, family, colleagues or the wider community? Learn more.

List of important and informative websites Quick Reference Directory

Support Groups

A Resource from Family and Community Services

Banner Health's podcast about Alzheimer's disease, Dementia Untangled

Banner Health's Dementia Untangled Podcast - Listen here.

Banner Health's Podcast untangles complexities of caring for a loved one with Alzheimer's disease or related dementias. Our podcast aims to offer expert guidance and support for the millions of family caregivers of Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. The episodes are produced by Banner Alzheimer’s Institute and Banner Sun Health Research Institute, which are designated Centers of Excellence by Banner Health for the care, support and research of memory disorders.