Temporary Sign Regulations for Garage Sales, Open Houses

yard signs

TEMPORARY SIGN REGULATIONS for Garage Sales, Open Houses, Estate Sales or Similar Events

Residential properties conducting a garage sale, open house, estate sale, or other similar events may post temporary signs for the event as described below:

Sign types allowed:
- A-frame or T-frame sign up to 3’ tall and 6 sq. ft. in size.
- Yard sign up to 3’ tall and 6 sq. ft. in size.

Number of signs allowed:
- One on the property hosting the event.
- Up to 5 additional signs at turning movements to the location of the event (not midblock).

When and where signs can be displayed:
- Daily from official sunrise to official sunset.
- Along a street at least 2’ from a curb or edge of pavement.

Prohibit sign types, materials and locations:
- May not place signs in any medians.
- May not be placed in the Shea Boulevard Right-of-Way.
- Only the sign types listed above may be used and must be made of durable materials (thick plastic, wood, metal). May not use paper, cardboard, buckets, thin plastic, etc.
- May not attach signs to any utility pole or box, light pole, street sign, bus shelter, or any structure within the public right-of-way.
- May not damage any vegetation or rest against other objects or vegetation.

Most temporary signs must be placed on private property and not in the right-of-way along the street. MAPS have been prepared to help identify the location of any private property near the street where a sign could be placed. These MAPS are not definitive, but give a good idea of where signs could be placed. Contact Planning or Code Enforcement staff for a review of specific locations. 480-816-5100.

Code Enforcement on Temporary Signs:

1. First offense:
a. When possible, assist those who have placed a sign inconsistent with ordinance requirements by educating and assisting with relocation and returning signs.
b. When educating, relocating, and/or returning is not possible, if the sign is in the right-of-way it will be confiscated and, if possible, owner will be contacted to pick up the sign according to the established schedule. If this sign is on private property, the property owner will be contacted and informed of the ordinance requirements and given an opportunity to bring the sign into conformance. If not brought into conformance within allowed time, follow-up enforcement action as warranted.

2. Subsequent offenses within 180 days of first offense:
a. Second offense: If in the right-of-way, immediate confiscation and notification when the sign can be retrieved; if on private property, issuance of a Notice of Violation.
b. Third and subsequent offenses: If in the right-of-way, immediate confiscation and notification when the sign can be retrieved and the issuance of a civil citation; if on private property, a civil citation as provided in Section 1-8-3.

3. Sign pick times will be the second and fourth Tuesdays of each month between the hours of 9:00 am and noon.

4. Signs left more than 60 days may be discarded.