Adopt-A-Street Program

The Adopt-A-Street program enables community organizations, private businesses and individuals to maintain and beautify Fountain Hills streets.

Adopt-A-Street Application


Town of Fountain Hills Adopt-A-Street Guidlines and Information

  1. Commercial applicants must have a Town of Fountain Hills business license.
  2. The Town of Fountain Hills reserves the right to approve, disapprove and/or edit names or acronyms which will go on the signs. The charge for the signs is $60.00 per sign, payable to the Town of Fountain Hills.
  3. Permittee shall, on each work occasion, notify Town’s representative at telephone 480-816-5177, Marilyn Grudier, prior to start of any work authorized by this permit. Town’s furnished litter bags, orange safety vests and sticks shall be obtained at Town Hall after notification that you will be in to pick them up. Normal business hours are Monday – Thursday; 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
  4. Permittee shall designate a coordinator who shall represent the group. Each group representative shall be made aware of the safety considerations prior to starting any pickups.
  5. If the group representative changes during the term of this permit, it is the responsibility of the group to assure that the new representative is made aware of the safety considerations.
  6. One adult supervisor shall be assigned by the volunteer organization for each ten children.
  7. Each participant (or parent/guardian of a minor participant) shall sign a waiver from for each pickup event. The Town of Fountain Hills and its officers and employees shall not be liable for any death, injury or property damage claims and all the costs associated therewith which may arise. If any claim arises out of the foregoing, the permittee shall defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Town of Fountain Hills and its officers and employees from same. Permittees’ obligation under this Section shall not extend to any liability caused by the sole negligence of the Town or its employees.
  8. Participant’s personal vehicle shall not be parked within the right-of-way of a roadway, and on all other roadways shall be legally located off the traveled way so as not to interfere with the free flow of traffic or pedestrians. The exception is approved vehicle(s) used to transport participants or materials to and from the work site, which may be parked off the roadway.
  9. Hazardous material such as car batteries, animal carcasses or any other objects that appear questionable should not be picked up. Pickups within the medians are not permitted. Litter of a questionable type or in the medians should be reported to the Town’s Street Department at 480-816-5133.
  10. Workers shall only cross roadways at designated intersections.
  11. If bad weather or other adverse circumstances pose a hazard, work shall be immediately discontinued.
  12. Volunteers performing work under this permit shall wear personal protective clothing, including orange safety vests mentioned above, while on Town roadways. Town-furnished (reusable) equipment (vests, pickup sticks) shall be returned upon completion of project.
  13. This permit is valid for two calendar years and may be renewed with the Town’s approval.
  14. The Town may cancel this permit for nonconformance.
  15. The Town of Fountain Hills will provide litterbags, safety vests and pickup sticks. The Town will also pick up filled litterbags and will erect signs showing the participation of the named organization in the Adopt-A-Street program. The work order for the sign will be processed as soon as this permit is approved and payment for the signs have been received.