Draining Your Pool & Spa

Pools and spas contain a number of pollutants, chemicals and other matter not allowed in the Town’s storm water system. This is in accordance with our Storm Water Permit requirement which is mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Arizona Department of Environmental Quality. These pollutants consist of chlorine, bromine, salts, skin, hair and other matter. Our storm water conveyance system is made up of gutters, streets, washes, retention basins and other water conveyance structures that are not connected to the sewer waste water system.
Fountain Hills Requirements
As part of our Storm Water Management Plan, the Town of Fountain Hills requires that all drained pool and spa water be retained on the property, or be discharged into your sewer clean-out except where prohibited by the Fountain Hills Sanitary District.

Drainage into the streets or washes is not allowed. If periodic maintenance is being done, such as back-washing, you can backwash your pool or spa directly onto your property. The water must be retained on the property until it is absorbed into the ground.
A swimming pool outside of a home with palm trees on both sides
Draining Diagram
The draining diagram is a representation of how and where to properly drain your pool and spa water. This is a typical diagram and yours may look different. If you are having difficulty locating your sewer clean-out you can contact your local plumber to help you locate it.

Note that a permanent direct connection between your pool or spa and your sewer clean-out is not allowed. This is a direct violation of the Uniform Swimming Pool, Spa and Hot Tub Code section 312.2, which is an adopted code standard for the Town of Fountain Hills.

Draining Diagram

Sewer system graphic
Additional Information
The Town of Fountain Hills Code Enforcement Division handles a wide variety of calls related to pools, spas and other water features. If you have a concern or question relating to draining, back-washing, green or unhealthy pools, spas or other water features, please do not hesitate to call Code Enforcement Hotline at 480-816-5193 or the Fountain Hills Sanitary District at 480-837-9444.