Vehicle Storage & Parking


These are some guidelines for parking in the Town of Fountain Hills:

  • No vehicles are permitted to park on surfaces other than those constructed of concrete or asphalt.
  • Parking in yards is prohibited.
  • All unoccupied recreational type vehicles and trailers must be stored behind a six-foot high solid masonry, concrete or earthen product wall with a view-obscuring gate. This includes: RV’s, all types of trailers, boats, jet skis, off-road type vehicles and go-carts.
  • Permits may be acquired for guests with motor homes to park in the driveway or to park on an existing improved area for parking that is not behind a wall and/or view obscuring gate for a limited time, however occupied mobile homes are not permissible except in approved mobile home parks.
  • Street parking is permitted within the Town of Fountain Hills.
  • Please remember to be considerate of your neighbor’s space.
  • Be cautious when parking in the streets. Do not block traffic or park on streets with limited visibility.
  • A 20-foot width must be left for two-way traffic to pass between your vehicle and the opposite curb or other vehicles.
  • Keep the neighborhoods and Town visually appealing and safe for all to use. Remember, bicycles and pedestrians also utilize the streets and roads.