The Town of Fountain Hills has partnered with OpenGov and is excited to announce our transition from a paper-based bid solicitation process to a fully automated, web-based electronic bidding and vendor management system.

Our new e-Procurement Portal will allow interested parties to do the following:

  • Register to bid and receive notifications of future opportunities in the e-Procurement Portal by selecting Subscribe to create an account.
  • Follow updates to existing solicitations by finding the solicitation and clicking the Follow button. This will allow all interested parties to received amendments and addenda automatically.
  • Submit questions and receive answers for open solicitations.
  • Guide vendors through the process of responding electronically to RFPs, bids, etc. to ensure submissions have been accurately completed.
  • Ultimately, be your one location for all bid opportunities issued by the Town of Fountain Hills.

To get started, click here and subscribe. You’ll receive an email to activate your account. For more information about how to register, please see our help file here.

Formal Bid/Proposals

Formal bids and proposal solicitations are required to be issued when the cost of procurement exceeds $50,000.

Licensing Requirements 

A Town of Fountain Hills Business License is NOT required to submit a bid or a proposal (unless specifically called for in individual bid instruction documents), but must be obtained prior to finalization of the Award Notification. This requirement includes businesses within the Town limits of Fountain Hills and those who may be physically located outside of the Town limits, but enter the Town to conduct business or perform services.

Town of Fountain Hills Business License Information

Ethics Provision in Fountain Hills Town Code, Article 3-3-12

In addition to any applicable State laws, is it’s a violation: For any Person to offer, give or agree to give any Employee or former Employee of the Town or for any Employee or former Employee of the Town to solicit, demand, accept, or agree to accept from another Person, any valuable thing or valuable benefit that would not accrue in the performance of his official duties or an offer of employment in connection with any decision, approval, disapproval, recommendation, preparation of any part of a program requirement or a purchase request, influencing content of any Specification or Procurement standard, rendering of advice, investigation, auditing or in any advisory capacity in any proceeding or application request for ruling, determination, claim or controversy, or other particular matter, pertaining to any program requirement of a Contract or subcontract, or to any Solicitation or Proposal therefore. No action taken for violations of this Subsection shall be construed to preclude criminal prosecution of an Employee or former Employee or any other Person under the provisions of state or federal law.

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Internal Revenue Service W9 Information

Active Contracts