Town Manager

The Town Manager provides the overall administrative leadership for the Town necessary for the implementation of Town Council policies, administration of the organization, and delivery of services to the community. The Town Manager implements the Council's established goals and policies through professional leadership and management practices.

The Town Manager administers the Town's contract for law enforcement services with Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office as well as fire and emergency medical services from Rural Metro. It is also the responsibility of this office to ensure that Town operations are performed effectively, efficiently, and economically and that Town services are responsive to community needs.

In Fountain Hills, our staff members take pride in providing the highest-quality service to the community. Our staff is here to be accessible, responsive, and creative in order to solve community problems. We encourage you to reach out to us if you need assistance, or to follow our social networking accounts for real time updates on news and events as they happen.

Administration Department Functions

In addition to managing department heads and administering the town’s public safety contracts, the Town Manager oversees the Administration Department which is responsible for all of the administrative functions and services of the Town below:

Our mission is to serve, respect and provide trust and stewardship.

2022 Town of Fountain Hills Strategic Plan

The Town of Fountain Hills Strategic Plan 2022 is a ten-year roadmap that your Town Council, administrative staff and partner organizations will use in fulfilling the goals and supporting tasks necessary to preserve our distinctive, vibrant community. The Strategic Plan will be integrated into the Town’s daily operations and collaborations.

Town of Fountain Hills Annual Reports

Beginning in 2021, the Town of Fountain Hills Administration produced a report to provide residents of Fountain Hills an overview of the performance of the Town. The report highlights the good works accomplished by each department over the previous fiscal year, which runs July 1 through June 30.

2022-2023 Annual Report (PDF)
2021-2022 Annual Report (PDF)
2020-2021 Annual Report (PDF)

2021 Citizens Satisfaction Survey of Services Executive Summary
The Town of Fountain Hills contracted with ETC Institute of Olathe, Kansas, a consumer and government survey provider, to administer a citizen satisfaction services survey. The purpose of this survey was to gather information on residents' level of satisfaction with town services with the aim of using the feedback to help the town make improvements to service levels. Information received from the survey will help town leaders know where they are doing well and where improvements can be made. Results from the survey will aid Town leadership to make sure they are making decisions that align with the needs of residents and prioritizing services that will positively impact the community.