Emergency Information

In a community emergency, having the correct information will help you and your family stay safe.

The Town of Fountain Hills has an emergency communications plan to keep you informed if there is a wildfire, flooding, or police situation that is or may threaten public safety. Here are the resources available to keep you informed and out of harm's way.

CodeRED: CodeRED is a community-wide alert system that will notify you by text or phone message if a public safety situation warrants its use. You can learn more about this system and register at www.fountainhillsaz.gov/codered.

Town of Fountain Hills website - www.fountainhillsaz.gov
- On the site's home page, information about the situation will be posted and time-stamped, so you know it is the most current information available.

Facebook @townoffountainhills
- The Town will post the most accurate and current information and resources to keep you up-to-date during the event.

Twitter @fhazgov
- Like Facebook, Twitter is a fast and convenient method to share information from the Town.

Emergency Phone Hotline 480-816-5234
- Not all residents are comfortable using digital communications to receive information. The emergency hotline will have a recorded message, updated as events warrant, to provide information about the public safety event.