Arizona's future was planned long ago with the construction of the Central Arizona Project (CAP) for a century of water management. We're known for long-term planning efforts, water reclamation, water conservation and groundwater reserves. But we also must look closely at every factor confronting us — climate change, a severe and lasting drought, surface water supplies, the quality and quantity of groundwater aquifers and infrastructure conditions and cost.

EPCOR is the largest private water utility in Arizona, and owner and operator of the Chaparral District, which supplies Fountain Hills with potable water. They are a proven leader in managing our water supply. The company's agreements for water rights extend far into the next century and in addition, they're always innovating to find new ways to manage the system.

EPCOR recently signed an agreement with the Maricopa Water District, which adds up to 5.87 billion gallons (18,000 acre-feet) of renewable water supplies to their portfolio. This addition strengthens the supply of surface and groundwater they can offer their customers. 

Frank Metzler, Eastern Division Operations Director for EPCOR

At the request of Town Council, Frank Metzler, Eastern Division Operations Director for EPCOR, presented to Town Council at the June 15, 2021 Regular Council Meeting. Metzler gave an overview of the strong water resources available to residents in the Fountain Hills (Chaparral District) for the future.

Here is the slide show presentation (in PDF) the EPCOR team gave to the Council. Watch their live presentation.

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