Town of Fountain Hills Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

The Town of Fountain Hills’ purpose is to serve the best interests of the community by:
providing for the safety and well-being of its residents and visitors; respecting its special, small-town character and quality of life; providing superior public services; sustaining the public trust through open and responsive government; and, maintaining the stewardship and preservation of its financial and natural resources. To serve and respect, and provide trust and stewardship.

Fountain with Red Mountain in the background
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Our Vision

Fountain Hills is a distinctive community designed to invigorate the body, mind and spirit, and strives to:

Be stewards of this unique enclave, dedicated to preserving the environment and visual aesthetic and to living in balance with the Sonoran Desert;

Champion the diversity of experiences our residents bring to our community and rely on this depth of experience to innovatively address our challenges;

Be economically sustainable and anchor our vitality in an active, vibrant town core that serves us culturally, socially and economically; and,

Be civic-minded and friendly, taking responsibility for our Town’s success by building partnerships and investing our talent and resources.

Our Values

Civic Responsibility
Environmental Stewardship
Economic Vitality
Education, Learning and Culture
Maintain and Improve Community Infrastructure
Public Safety, Health and Welfare
Recreational Opportunities and Amenities