• Two lines of firefighters hold hoses and put out a
  • Group of firefighters band together before taking
  • Firefighters walk away from flames
  • Ladder lifts from the back of a fire truck
  • Fire fighters pull hose during training
  • Firefighters put out lit car
  • Firefighters enter building
  • Firefighters being spraying down fire
  • Firefighter begins chainsawing into an adobe roof
  • Red fire truck sits in garage awaiting an emergenc
  • Smoke pours out of an adobe house while fire fight
  • Fire truck sits by downtown fountain
  • A helicopter lifts large pool of water to dump on
  • A line of fire emergency vehicles line the street
  • Firefighters stand outside of house and begin to s
  • Firefighter takes water while sitting on the groun
  • Firefighter walks through smoke
  • Firefighters converse about an accident
  • Firefighters respond to a truck that was on fire
  • Water is sprayed from truck over a buring area at
  • Firefighter sprays water into the night from top o
  • Firefighter hooks up hose to truck
  • Firefighter aims hose and begins to spray
  • A firefighter with hose in hand runs towards a car

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