What should I do with my old fire extinguisher?
For businesses, all fire extinguishers need to be inspected every year by a licensed fire extinguisher maintenance company. These can be found in the Yellow Pages under “Fire Protection Equipment” or on the extinguisher’s tag (this is the company who previously serviced it). If your extinguisher is more than 7 years old is it supposed to be rebuilt by a fire extinguisher company. Often it may be cheaper to replace the extinguisher than to rebuild it but it depends on the quality of the extinguisher.

If you have an old extinguisher at your house and the pressure gauge is in the “green” more than likely it will work, but not for sure. It is best once or twice a year to turn the extinguisher upside down and hit the side and bottom of it with a rubber mallet to break-up the compacted dry chemicals.

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