Who can qualify for a grant?
  • Any active non-profit designation is eligible to apply (Please note this is not limited to only 501 (c)(3) designations).
    • All applicants will be verified by the Arizona Corporation Commission to ensure each applicant is in good standing and holds an active status. 
  • Must be located within the Fountain Hills municipal boundary and can provide an address within Fountain Hills.

  • Began operations on or before January 1, 2021 and still operating as of the date that funding is awarded.

  • All Applicants must agree to provide the Town with adequate documentation regarding the use of the grant funds and documentation of expenditures related to use of funds. 

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1. Who can qualify for a grant?
2. What is the source of funds for these grants?
3. How much funding is available?
4. Do the grants need to be paid back?
5. Do I need to spend the funds by a certain date?
6. Is there a final deadline to apply?
7. When can my nonprofit expect to receive funds if awarded?
8. What is the application review and decision-making process?