Temporary Sign Regulations

General Requirements (Section 6.07)

A. Maintenance: All signs shall be maintained in conformance with code, kept in good condition and repair, if a sign becomes a danger or deemed unsafe, it may be removed.

B. Prohibited locations: In public right-of-way, except where specifically allowed; on public property; in a manner that interferes with ADA access; creates a sight visibility issue; attached to trees, shrubs, etc; See Section 6.07 B. 2. for complete list.

C. Prohibited signs: Off-site signs, except as specifically allowed; banners, balloons, flags, except as specifically allowed; pennants, streamers, feather signs, searchlights, strobe lights, beacons, inflatable signs.

F. Temporary signs may not be illuminated.

G. Signs shall be made of durable materials and maintained in good repair. 

Most temporary signs must be placed on private property and not in the right-of-way along the street. MAPS have been prepared to help identify the location of any private property near the street where a sign could be placed. These MAPS are not definitive, but give a good idea of where signs could be placed. Contact Planning or Code Enforcement staff for a review of specific locations. 480-816-5100.

Political Sign-Free Zone Map - Election signs are not allowed in the Sign Free Zones, which are most town’s primary streets, except from sunrise to sunset on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Federal Holidays.

Specific Requirements and Allowances (Section 6.08)

A-frame & T-frame Signs
A-frame and T-frame signs are permitted in commercial and industrial areas but not in residential areas except when used as provided in Sec. 6.08 D (e.g. open house, garage sale). These signs can be a maximum 3’ tall and 6 sq. ft. They cannot be located in the right-of-way along a street, except in some areas of the Town Center Pedestrian area or when used as allowed in Sec. 6.08 D. They cannot be located on a public sidewalk, except in some situations in the Town Center Pedestrian area. See Section 6.08 A 1 of the Zoning Ordinance for further details.

Balloons may be used in non-residential settings provided the balloons are no bigger than 24” in diameter and are flown no more than 6’ off the ground. See Section 6.08 A 3 d for details on where balloons can be displayed. See Section 6.08 A 3 of the Zoning Ordinance for further details.


One banner may displayed per business on non-residential properties for up to 30 days in a calendar year. A permit is required. Maximum banner size is 32 sq. ft. Banners must be properly secured and cannot be located in a parking space, landscape area, or drive aisle. See Section 6.08 A 4 of the Zoning Ordinance for further details.

Flags flown on a pole are allowed in all zoning districts. The maximum size is 24 sq. ft. in residential property and 60 sq. ft. in all other areas. Residential properties may have a maximum of one flag pole, non-residential properties may have 2 flag poles. Each pole may have up to 2 flags. See Section 6.08 A 7 of the Zoning Ordinance for further details.

Post and Board Sign
Post and board signs have most traditionally been used to advertise properties “for sale” or “for lease”. These signs are allow on all property, one per street front. The allowed sign area is 6 sq. ft. and the maximum allowed height is 5 feet in residential properties and 8 feet for non-residential properties. Except in limited situations, these signs must be placed on private property, not in the public right-of-way along the street. See Section 6.08 A 12 of the Zoning Ordinance for further details.

Yard Signs
Yard signs are allowed in all zoning districts at one sign per lot. In residential areas these can be a maximum of 6 sq. ft. in area and 3’ tall. In non-residential areas they can be up to 8 sq. ft. in area and 5’ tall. They are required to be on private property (not in the right-of-way) except when used as provided in Sec. 6.08D. See Section 6.08 A 17 of the Zoning Ordinance for further details.

Section 6.08 D
A-frame and yard signs may be used to direct traffic to events in residential neighborhoods. Each activity may have up to 4 signs, one on the property and 3 leading to the property where the event occurs. These signs must be located on private property (not in the street right-of-way) except on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Federal holidays from sun up to sun down. Such signs are never permitted along Shea Boulevard. See Section 6.08 D of the Zoning Ordinance for further details.