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The General Plan is a legal document that guides the future of Fountain Hills as a vibrant community. It represents the collective visions of our residents and visitors. The Fountain Hills General Plan 2020 was adopted by the Town Council and ratified by voters on November 3, 2020.

Downtown Fountain Hills
Fountain Lake

What is a General Plan

A general plan guide’s the Town Council and staff in making decisions as the town continues to grow and experience change. It is the foundation used to establish zoning regulations, develop our Strategic Plan, create Capital Improvements Plans, amend the Town Code, and can be used as support to solicit grant funding.

Arizona law requires the General Plan be updated every ten years. The last General Plan was adopted in 2010, so it now needs updating. The Plan must include elements (chapters) for Land Use, Circulation, Open Space, Growth Areas, Environmental Planning, Cost of Development, and Water Resources. Additional elements may be included if public dialogue directs a need, such as Economic Development and Housing. 

The General Plan provides the goals, objectives and policies for future actions of our town:

  • Decisions related to development proposals of public and private lands; 
  • Expenditures of public funds; 
  • Continuity for addressing land use issues over time and between governing bodies;   
  • Balancing competing private interests;
  • Community appearance, character, and distinctive sense of place;
  • Economic development strategies;
  • Protection from destruction and degradation of valued environmental resources; and
  • Provides a factual and objective basis to support zoning decisions, and it can be used by communities to defend their decisions if challenged in court;

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