CodeRed Community Emergency Notifications

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Most people understand that when they have an emergency and need assistance, they pick up their phone and dial 911. But what if there is a situation that affects your neighborhood, and the Fire Department or Law Enforcement needs to contact you?


CodeRED is a FREE emergency notification service provided to all residents within the Town of Fountain Hills that will notify you of emergency information through phone calls, text messages, emails, social media, and the CodeRED Mobile Alert app. The system will inform you of local events that may immediately impact your safety. As a resident, the Town of Fountain Hills encourages you to take action and register for this service and verify your home location during the enrollment process so we may target notifications that directly impact your home or business.

Receive Emergency Notifications:

  • Criminal Activity
  • Emergency Evacuation Notices
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Flooding
  • Missing Children
  • Public Health Crisis
  • Wildfires

Enroll Today!

Click here or text FHALERTS to 99411 to enroll in this free service from the Town of Fountain Hills.