Frequently Asked Questions

If I have to pay a fine, when do I need to pay it?

Once you have made a plea or have been found guilty or responsible of a violation, you have an obligation to pay your fines and fees. If you cannot afford to pay the full amount on the day of sentencing, you may request a payment plan by calling or going into the Court. You can pay your fine online, or through any of our other payment options. You may also complete a payment plan.

What happens if I do not pay?

If you do not pay your financial obligation to the Court the following may occur:
• A default fee in the amount of $50.00 may be assessed to your case (per charge)
• A hold may be placed on your vehicle registration that will not allow you to renew it
• You may be referred to a collection agency (resulting in additional fees)
• Criminal Cases may result in warrants being issued and Driver License being suspended.

What if I don't know my citation number?

If you do not know your citation number, you can find information about your case by calling Fountain Hills Municipal Court at 480-816-5103 or on the Arizona Supreme Court Public Access.

When is my court date?

The initial court date and time that you must appear is written on the bottom of your citation. Your next court date can also be obtained by contacting Fountain Hills Municipal Court at 480-816-5103.

What if I cannot appear on my court date?

If you are unable to appear for your court date, you must contact the court by:
• Emailing the court at
• Call the court at 480-816-5103
• Come in prior to the court date
• Filing an online motion

Remember, if you miss your court date, further actions may be taken on your case.

When can I see a Judge?

Monday and Wednesday’s from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
It is not always necessary to see a judge. Many questions can be answered by Fountain Hills Municipal Court Representatives, but they are not allowed to give legal advice, only general information as it relates to the case.

What should I do if a warrant has been issued for my arrest?

You must appear before a Judge, at which time you may be required to pay a bail/bond before the warrant can be quashed. Warrants can be quashed Monday and Wednesday’s between 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Do I have to report a change of address?

Yes. If you have any pending cases with Fountain Hills Municipal Court, it is your responsibility to keep your address current. If you fail to provide the Court with the appropriate contact information, you may not receive proper notification regarding your case. This could result in a warrant being issued for your arrest, or a default judgment being entered against you.

Can you tell me if my driver license has been suspended?

If you want to know about your MVD record, you must contact the Arizona Department of Motor Vehicles at 602-255-0072.

Can I get a marriage license at Fountain Hills Municipal Court?

No. If you have any questions regarding a marriage license, please contact Maricopa County Superior Court at 602-506-3011.

Can I file a lawsuit at Fountain Hills Municipal Court?

No you cannot. You will need to go to Maricopa County Superior Court to do so.

Where can I look up court case information for Fountain Hills Municipal Court and other courts in Arizona?

The Arizona Judicial Branch offers Public Access to Court Case Information, an online service providing information about court cases from most courts in Arizona. Click here for Public Access. Public Access allows you to look up case records by either last name or case number. Additional information is also available at

Can I use photographic and or video recording devices in the courthouse and other court facilities outside of the courtrooms?

In order to protect the privacy and security interests of crime victims, individuals seeking protective orders, witnesses, and jurors, and to ensure the safety of all who visit or work in court facilities the following prohibitions for use of such devices are as follows:
• All types of video recording, photography, including sharing video or live-streaming to social media sites, or other types of broadcasting (hereinafter collectively referred to as “recording”) are prohibited.
• This includes in any facility during its use as a court; building entrances, exits, and adjacent restricted parking areas unless the person proposing a recording obtains advance written consent of the subjects and permission of the presiding judge or designee.
• This prohibition extends to recording the inside of a court facility through a door or window.
• This prohibition also extends to court offices not located in a courthouse.